Avoid These Errors When Building Your FiveM City

Avoid These Errors When Building Your FiveM City

Low Population Scenarios

NEVER GIVE UP!!! Persist in developing, adding content, and staying dedicated.

The secret is to remain focused and stay ahead in the game. Don't stop or give up, regardless of your population size or fluctuations. People always return.

Seriously, don't shut down. If you do, you'll eventually catch the FiveM fever again and start ANOTHER city, convincing yourself it'll be different. It won't be. So, keep persevering and continue nurturing your current city.

Managing Your Law Enforcement Team


Honestly, that's all I have to say. Cops are the worst pu$$ys! They tend to complain about whether they win or lose. They cry when they don't win and they still cry when they win. Most of them have a winning mentality and will force their RP into ANYONE.

In several of my cities, I've had to dismiss all the cops multiple times, and surprisingly, it has worked wonders. If your police force is underperforming, consider this approach.

Having a strong police force is essential, as they contribute significantly to your city's RP. I recommend having a single department.

Avoid unnecessary complications with multiple departments. Moreover, I don't advise creating "special divisions" since it's often a waste of time. The existing RP framework, scripts, and game mechanics don't sufficiently support roles like FBI agents, for example.

Do not Hold Town Hall Meetings

Lol! When I consider Town Halls, I envision a group of uninformed players attempting to share their views, using phrases like "I think," "Perhaps," and "Maybe we should." It drags on for hours and ends up with nothing.

Individuals share their senseless opinions about one RP or another. Inevitably, that one youngster is attempting to be motivational, and it's like, "You're cringe, dude... just be quiet."

Town halls are a waste of time. Don't hold them.

Instead, schedule weekly meetings with your staff members. Keep your staff informed and always be transparent about what's happening. That way, staff members will have answers when people ask questions.

Additionally, maintain up-to-date change logs, detailing everything you've altered or have planned. Communication is crucial; don't leave your players in the dark.

Addressing and Preventing Drama

Do NOT let it happen. If someone is causing drama, ban them. Don't let it go on, don't let it carry! It will spread and it will become a bigger issue.

Handling Server Wipes

NEVER, EVER, EVER announce that you're planning a wipe!

This is the QUICKEST method to obliterate your city in RECORD time!

Avoid mentioning that you're working on V2, V3, or any other version. DO NOT inform ANYONE about a wipe or EVEN UTTER the word "wipe"!

This action will deter players from joining, and they'll seek out another city instead, claiming they're "just waiting for v2." Don't be fooled; those players are finished playing.

Remember, you've been warned.

Managing and Utilizing Server Donations

FiveM is a business, regardless of who claims otherwise. If you believe it's not, you're mistaken, and you shouldn't be the owner of a FiveM city.

When you manage a city and receive additional donations, what should you do with them? You're dedicating 10+ hours daily to city development and improvement, and you're not directly compensated for it. It's reasonable to allocate some of the donations as personal payment.

Nevertheless, always be transparent with your community! Ensure they know how the funds are used. Nobody appreciates discovering their donations are financing your Egg McMuffin at McDonald's!

Developing Your City


Before posing ANY QUESTIONS, utilize the SEARCH function, particularly if you're asking in a Discord channel. Chances are, someone else has already asked the question and received an answer, so why wait for a response? Simply search for relevant keywords, and you'll discover the information you need. This approach will help you become more independent and reduce reliance on others.


I can't emphasize this enough – READ! As a developer, refrain from asking thoughtless questions. Invest time in reading the available guides and READ MEs.

Many devs dedicate significant effort creating comprehensible READ MEs. Also, search on Google before asking others any questions. Trust me, your question has likely already been answered.

Struggling is a part of learning, so embrace it.

Recruiting and Managing a Strong Staff Team

Admins should NOT be part of or lead a gang in your server. This can quickly instigate drama.

While actively participating in RP, admins should NOT use IDs/Names, as it creates an unfair advantage and is a clear case of meta-gaming.

Admins should avoid role-playing with their admin characters. Assign permissions based on CITIZEN ID rather than licenses, preventing accusations of spawning items to aid their RP. By removing the option, you minimize the likelihood of abuse.

Exercise caution when opening staff applications to members. It's common for a few individuals to feel upset because they didn't get a staff position while their friends did, leading to unnecessary conflicts and drama.

I would advise against making staff applications public. Instead, choose staff members based on their activity and performance, not merely an "application" that reveals little about their capabilities.