FiveM Exposed: Hidden Features, Pro Tips, and The Case Against Linux

FiveM Exposed: Hidden Features, Pro Tips, and The Case Against Linux

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Oh no... I fucking wish there was a server-sided resource monitor - oh, wait a minute, there actually is one! It's accessible exclusively on Windows.

Just navigate to your txAdmin Console tab and key in 'svgui'. This action will prompt a secondary window to appear. From here, you'll need to select Tools > Resource Monitor. Now you'll have visibility into which scripts are hogging your memory, CPU, and even your CPU msec!

In addition, this feature allows you to view the player lists, complete with their ping, online duration, location, and even their current status. A network side object viewer is also included. These tools are extremely helpful when attempting to fine-tune your server and identify potential causes for any server lag spikes.

Secret Convars

sets activitypubFeed “

The ability to configure an ActivityPub feed within your server metadata. This feature enables players who have played on your server recently to see the latest announcements from your server directly in the community feed on the FiveM/RedM homepage. This is a fantastic way to keep your community updated and engaged with your server's latest news and updates.

sets Discord ""
sets Developer "MonkeyWhisper"

You have the freedom to configure any convar using the 'sets' command. The configured values will then be visible on your server's profile page. This offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to customize and display key details about your server.

Here's another hack for server owners: it's possible to execute live convars while the server is actively running. For instance, you can easily raise the player count on your server without needing to restart it. This can be achieved by executing the convar command 'sv_maxclients 150'. This way, you can seamlessly manage your queue by increasing player count!

Windows vs Linux

As many of you are aware, I own 1 of 1 Servers, a hosting company that provides VPS and dedicated servers for hosting your FiveM server locally. Whenever a client chooses Linux I always recommend against it. However, people just don't fucking listen and they get Linux anyways. Fast forward a few weeks down the line, they end up wishing to switch over to Windows.

DIRECTLY from FiveM docs:

While Linux is made available primarily as a courtesy for game servers and other tools where Windows highly fall short, it's not fully supported and I strongly discourage its use for running a FiveM server. You're likely to run into a host of errors and issues that simply don't occur with Windows. Also, a lot of Linux builds are broken, feel free to read here.

You might be tempted to choose Linux because of the free license, but I assure you, it's not worth the potential headaches. Moreover, did you know that 1 of 1 Servers provides Windows licenses for free? That's right, no additional cost! Therefore, choosing Windows over Linux for running your FiveM server is both a sensible and economical choice.

Good luck attempting to utilize critical tools like Visual Studio Code or GitHub on Linux. Yes, GitHub can be easily set up via Linux, but if you're not well-versed with the Linux environment, you're unnecessarily complicating your coding experience! There's absolutely no fucking reason to put yourself through this ordeal. So, do yourself a favor and move away from Linux!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the journey to a smooth, efficient, and personalized FiveM server hosting experience is multifaceted, involving not just the right platform, but also leveraging a number of hidden features and insider tips. Our exploration of SVGUI and the application of live convars all add up to empowering you with control over your server's performance.

Furthermore, using sets to configure convars allows you to customize your server's details, enhancing visibility and personal touch. A word of advice to bear in mind, though: although Linux might seem tempting due to its open-source nature and often lower costs, for FiveM servers it simply doesn't hold up against Windows.

Lastly, a massive thank you to our sponsor, 1 of 1 Servers, who make this blog and our discussions possible. With their top-tier performance and robust DDoS protection, they are a shining example of quality in the realm of FiveM server hosting.

Remember, the goal is to have a well-managed, efficient, and personalized server experience. And a significant part of achieving this lies in choosing the right operating system and making full use of the plethora of hidden features and tips we've explored.


MonkeyWhisper ❤️