Take Control: Assert Your Authority

Take Control: Assert Your Authority

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Your "Dev" - Lol

The following topic is set to spark intense debates and might even strain some relationships, but it's crucial for you to understand my viewpoint.

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Nearly once a week, I find myself dealing with the same request: "My dev took my files and I need you to give them back to me." And my response?

"No can do, you're not the owner, this person is" - with 'this person' being their DEV. The irony is, YOU'RE the one who gave them the authority to set this up for you!

The same logic applies to co-owners. I personally don't believe in the concept of co-ownership. There should only be ONE OWNER, period. Because when all is said and done, there is, in fact, only one owner, no matter how you try to paint it otherwise. Your community should be fully aware of who that is. Create a role, identify yourself as the Owner, and if necessary, designate someone else as Co-Owner.

Enough of that bullshit! Assert authority over YOUR possessions!

Your city, your VPS/dedicated server, your domain, your team, your hard work, your struggles, your MONEY, they are ALL YOURS and nobody else's.

Stop handing the reins over to your 'devs' and letting them do everything for you. Don't be fucking lazy and take full control of your stuff! So what if you don't know how to do it? No one is omniscient.

Consider Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon. Do you reckon he knows how to package an order correctly? Hell no, but who's the boss? HE IS, and guess what? Everyone works FOR HIM. He didn't put THEIR NAMES as CEO, did he? So why should YOU?

It seriously grinds my gears each time I hear someone utter, "Oh, my dev told me to do this." What are you, a sheep? To hell with your dev.

You're the proprietor of the city and if you let your "dev" call all the shots, you're hampering your path to success. What happens then? This dev ends up taking ALL THE CREDIT, making you look like a TOTAL FOOL in front of your community.

Remember this: they are employed by YOU, not the other way around. Regardless of whether they're being paid or not, the same principle applies. If they're receiving compensation, then there's even more reason for this. But if they're volunteering, the argument holds even stronger since you are the one SOLELY covering all the expenses! You're the one giving them instructions, not the other way around. You dictate the rhythm and choose the music, not the other way around.


You might perceive me as being excessively harsh, unpleasant or even being a dick, but here's the truth: When everyone clearly understands their roles, backstabbing becomes less likely because YOUR COMMUNITY recognizes the true leader. If you let your "dev" handle all the updates, post ALL the news, make all the announcements, and even establish new RULES, guess what you become? DISPENSABLE. And what's likely to follow? Indeed, they open ANOTHER CITY and you're left BITING THE DUST because they don't need you anymore.


This includes the Discord, CFX Keys, domains, scripts, Discord roles that you purchased scripts for, your VPS/dedicated server, and so forth... as well as anything else CRUCIAL to the success of your city.

In conclusion, owning a city, be it virtual or real, comes with considerable responsibility. It's crucial to assert your authority and take charge of your property. It might seem simpler or more convenient to let others, like developers, handle the reins. However, this could lead to unintended consequences, such as a loss of control and even exploitation.


Remember, your city, your VPS/dedicated server, your domain, your team, your hard work, your struggles - they are all yours. Don't shirk from your responsibilities or shy away from learning new things. Whether it's Jeff Bezos at Amazon or any other successful leader, they didn't reach their positions by being passive.

Securing your assets, defining clear roles, and taking responsibility for your property are non-negotiable aspects of successful ownership. Take decisive steps now. Secure all your digital assets and ensure everything crucial to the success of your city is registered under your name. Be the leader your community needs, and watch as your city thrives under your rightful ownership.

Your city's success depends on you, so take charge, do not let anyone undermine you.